Links to places I have been involved with:

Williams College
Hanlon Lab (Marine Biological Laboratory)
Smith Lab (University of California Santa Barbara)
Mehta Lab (currently UCLA, formerly Brown University)
Drew Endy (currently Stanford, formerly MIT)
Creature Cast
Tabor Academy
Falmouth Academy
MV Habitat Kids (BiodiversityWorks)
Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative
Woods Hole Children’s School of Science
Galapagos Academic Institute for Arts and Sciences (USFQ)
Sorcerer II, Global Ocean Sampling Expedition
Sea Education Association (SEA)
Sail Martha’s Vineyard
Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway
Woods Hole Yacht Club
Cohasset Yacht Club
Block Island Club
Cold Spring Harbor Beach Club
Boston Ballet
Delfos Danza
Brazen Belles