Specific interests include: aquaculture, ecology, genetics, genomics, evolution, behavior, synthetic biology, science education, public outreach, art+science

Penikese Science+Nature Camp for Girls, June 2019
Thirteen middle school girls from Martha’s Vineyard spent 4 days exploring the island of Penikese and learning from female scientists about nesting birds, shellfish, engineering, camouflage, and climate change.

Journal Publication: Vision Research, August 2018
Dark scene elements strongly influence cuttlefish camouflage responses in visually cluttered environments
[Link to publication here]

Journal Publication: Biological Bulletin, October 2015
Second Author, Editor’s Pick
Tactical decisions for changeable cuttlefish camouflage: visual cues for choosing masquerade are relevant from a greater distance than visual cues used for background matching.
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Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.49.51 AM

Journal Publication: Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, January 2015
Cuttlefish adjust body pattern intensity with respect to substrate intensity to aid camouflage, but do not camouflage in extremely low light
[Download pdf here]


Journal Publication: Journal of Experimental Biology, January 2014
Expression of squid iridescence depends on environmental luminance and peripheral ganglion control
[Download pdf here]

Journal Publication: Biological Bulletin, December 2013
Defensive Responses of cuttlefish to different teleost predators
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Journal Publication, Biological Bulletin, April 2013
First-Author, Editor’s Pick
Vertical visual features have a strong influence on cuttlefish camouflage
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Journal Publication: Vision Research, March 2013
How visual edge features influence cuttlefish camouflage patterning
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edge paper fig

Video: Uniform, Mottle, & Disruptive Patterns in Cuttlefish, 2012
Cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis, dynamic body pattern change: Uniform, Mottle, Disruptive

Video: Chromatophores in Cuttlefish Skin, 2011
Cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis, close-up of chromatophores in the skin

Video: Chromatophores in Squid Skin, 2011
Squid, Doryteuthis pealeii, close-up of chromatophores in the skin

NOVA: How Smart is an Octopus?, 2011
Video features research on camouflage in the Hanlon Lab at the Marine Biological Laboratory

octopus – NOVA from Kora Le Chien on Vimeo.

Ocean Sampling aboard JCVI’s Sorcerer II
Atlantic Ocean, 2009

Father and daughter with Charles Darwin, 2006
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Dinner with James D. Watson, 2005
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY